Windows 98 Start up problem

  machins 08:03 30 Apr 04

Over the last two days I have had problems on starting up windows 98.
Most times at siezes with just the pointer in the centre of the screen. Pressing Control/Alt/Delete restarts it and everything is then OK.
I have also noticed that sometimes the Windows 98 logo that flashes on the screen for a few seconds during start-up has black spots or slashes all over the picture. Also on some pages, when it has started OK, the top right minimise/maximise/X graphic are not displaying properly.
Is my graphics card on its way out or is there a more serious underlying problem?

Thank you

  Diodorus Siculus 08:10 30 Apr 04

Start in safe mode (press F8 at startup) and then go to start, run and type in


Click Run

under the startup tab, disable most programs that are starting up - most are unnecessary. Leave your firewall and anti-virus running.

Have a look at for info on what the startup programs are.

  Gongoozler 08:13 30 Apr 04

This certainly sounds like a graphics problem. Have you tried starting in Safe Mode? To do this hold down the Ctrl key while the computer boots and then select Safe Mode from the menu. If the computer boots properly then (albeit with only 16 colours and low resolution) the problem is probably with the graphics drivers.

  machins 07:23 02 May 04

My problem seems to be getting worse!
The computer ALWAYS starts in Safe Mode Now - even when I press F8 during start up and select NORMAL. Needless to say the graphics are 16 bit and low res.
Is there anything else to try or should I just get a new graphics card?
If it is the graphics card - the old one is an NVIDIA GEFORCE 2 MX-400 64MB AGP - any recommendations for a replacement or will any new card do?


  Diodorus Siculus 07:56 02 May 04

I would be surprised if it were the card itself; more likely a software problem. Can you remove all drivers for the card and then reboot? If so, install newer drivers from

  Dowman 09:08 02 May 04

Delete graphics card from device manager in control panel, then reinstall a later driver downloaded from the internet on another working machine. See where this gets you.

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