Windows 98 Setup

  olympian 16:56 07 Jan 03
  olympian 16:56 07 Jan 03

On starting up Win98SE, the code page contains information on "press del for setup". Since clearing out some Word files, the code page has become very brief showing a few lines such as C:\, and no information on setup. Pressing del fails to work. Is there an alternative way to access the setup menu? On the command line in safe mode perhaps? By the way, the short code page makes the start up much quicker than before.

  exodus 18:52 07 Jan 03

Sorry, do not understand what you are trying to do. When you say 'set up menu', are you trying to enter the BIOS at boot up.

  Gongoozler 19:06 07 Jan 03

olympian, at boot up you should get a period when the BIOS is carrying out the Power On Self Test (POST), identifying drives etc. This is the period during which you have the option to press Del to enter the BIOS setup. There may then be a period during which the DOS autoexec.bat and config.sys files have control of the computer and you may see the dialogue from these files being executed. After this you get the Windows splash screen, during which time if you are fast enough you can persuade Windows to give you the option to boot into safe mode. After that Windows proper starts loading.

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