Windows 98 SE safe mode

  Plantlife 7 23:10 10 Jan 03
  Plantlife 7 23:10 10 Jan 03

When i enter safe mode, screen locks-no cursor movement-no keyboard, nothing. Only displays safe mode screen. Can anybody help me so that i can operate in safe mode.

  Sir Radfordin™ 23:17 10 Jan 03

How are you getting into Safe mode? If by pressing F8 on when the PC says "starting windows 98" try doing this

Click Start

Then run


One of the options for start up is diagnostic mode. See what that does for you.

Are you trying to get into safe mode for a reason?

btw...have you got a USB keyboard or mouse? If so its likely the drivers may not have been loaded and so they wouldn't work.

  woodchip 23:19 10 Jan 03

You must have only got usb Keyboard & mouse, you need a cheap keyboard and mouse to fit the PS/2 sockets as USB does not work in safe mode as no drivers are loaded for them.

  Plantlife 7 16:15 11 Jan 03

Thanks to Sir Radfordin and woodchip will give your suggestions a try. The reason i wanted to go into safe mode was to run a through scandisk which keeps re-starting using normal windows program; ie start-> programs->accesories->system tools->scandisk.

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