Windows 98 and a LAN connection for Internet

  dms05 16:07 03 Mar 08

I'm just trying to get an old Toshiba laptop running W98 (not SE) to connection via a 10/100 16 bit PCMCIA LAN card to the Internet. I've installed the PCMCIA card and that shows up as working and enabled within Device Manager. All the lights are showing on the SMC 8040 card yet IEv6 fails to display a page reporting an internal error (even when I try for the router). Any ideas how to get W98 and a LAN card connected to the Internet?

  skidzy 16:36 03 Mar 08

About a year ago i had the exact same problem with an old dell xpi lappy.

I cured this by removing the windows 98 driver,sorry cannot remember the procedure but this was the cause of a conflict.

If you have any security set within the router,briefly disable this and try again.

Though i do have to admit,once running it was slow.

  Ashrich 17:32 03 Mar 08

Did one of those older laptops a little while ago , from memory , you need to input everything in TCP/IP manually ... bindings , gateway address , anything else you can find etc.


  dms05 17:44 03 Mar 08

One problem I've identified is DHCP which isn't Enabled and I can't find where to Enable it! I've entered:

DNS Server Host click here
IP Address (ie so it's well away from auto set IP addresses)
Default Gateway

But I can't find where to enter DHCP and I'm not sure if I need WIN Server (and what address).

Equally TCP/IP refer to Dial Up settings only (I think).

Who says Vista is difficult!

  Ashrich 18:01 03 Mar 08

You might have to add the TCP/IP for the ethernet adapter as well , I was using either Xircom or 3Com/USR adapters which didn't need additional drivers . Have your Win 98 disk handy as it will ask for it . Try click here or click here .


  dms05 18:17 03 Mar 08

Hi Ashrich - I was just doing that when your suggestion appeared! Not quite solved it but a few more blanks are now filled in. Thanks for the help.

  dms05 18:30 03 Mar 08

I now seem to have 2 instances of my Ethernet Adaptor (0 and 1). Instance 1 looks correct but I can't remove Instance 0 and this seems to be the default. Lol.

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