windows 98 clutter

  aceguy 21:29 20 Jan 05

hi all! my mate has given me her pc which runs with windows98 to clean up. what i mean is she wants the pc to be like when she bought it - all the clutter taken of. is there a way to do this without a clean reinstall? i am unsure how to do this - its been yonks since i used a pc with windows98. any ideas??? if i have to reinstall whats the best way?

  Graham ® 21:31 20 Jan 05

Have you the 98 CD?

  aceguy 21:33 20 Jan 05


  VoG II 21:35 20 Jan 05
  Graham ® 21:37 20 Jan 05

Download a bootdisk from click here to the desktop. Double click on it and insert a floppy.

On the PC, restart in DOS mode. Type 'format c:', enter.

  Dan the Confused 21:39 20 Jan 05

Good housekeeping programs:

Ad-aware SE click here Spybot S&D click here

CleanUp! click here

RegSeeker click here

Startup Inspector click here

  aceguy 21:41 20 Jan 05

i have a boot disk that came with pc.what do i do after format?

  Graham ® 21:45 20 Jan 05

Restart PC with boot disc in. You should get A: prompt. Type D:, enter. If the CD drive is D, you should get D: prompt.

Put the CD in,type 'setup' enter.

  Graham ® 21:46 20 Jan 05

You will need the 98 product code.

  aceguy 21:48 20 Jan 05

yeh i got the product code.

  Dan the Confused 21:48 20 Jan 05

When you say all the clutter taken off, do you mean everything? Are there no files they want to keep?

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