windows 98 boot order ????

  Magik ®© 21:57 19 Oct 04

hi again.... this windows install has not gone well, when i left the boot order as it was, 1st A drive, 2nd cd, and 3rd c drive.....each time it started it asked for the boot disk, so i have changed them to, 1st c drive, 2nd cd drive, and 3rd A when i start it the damn thing says

"not bootable CD-ROM"


What am i suppose to do..........thanks

  Dan the Confused 22:06 19 Oct 04

To install Win98, just use bootup sequence A,C (or am I missing something?). More details?

  Dan the Confused 22:09 19 Oct 04

You need to boot from the Win98 startup floppy with CD-ROM support enabled. Are you doing this?

  dan 11 22:13 19 Oct 04

I have just seen the progress on your other thread, not very good. :-(

we are talking about the laptop?

It may help if you work from the bottom upwards, just to check every thing is as it should be.

What make and model is the laptop.

What size hard drive has it.

Boot with either the cdrom or floppy drive and test each partition for size. e.g. c:\ dir

d:\ dir

e:\ dir

What size do the display in dos, also go back to fdisk and pick option 4. This will give you the partition sizes. You did activate the C drive, didn't you?

When we know that the hard drive is prepared, we can eliminate that from the equation.

  Magik ®© 22:15 19 Oct 04

hi, been on this since 10.30 this morning, it has just about done me in....partitioned it, done a format. loaded windows more times than i care to wont boot without the floppy boot disk in the drive, when i put the disk in, we get loads of text come up and it lands up at the A:\> .I can not sort out which order to set the start up, i have now set it to boot from the C drive, but that does not work.

any ideas...........thanks

  dan 11 22:16 19 Oct 04

first post click here

second post click here

  Magik ®© 22:17 19 Oct 04

a rock sigma Si.......30 gb...

  dan 11 22:18 19 Oct 04

Do you want to check your e-mail?

  Magik ®© 22:20 19 Oct 04

i have put the floppy boot disk in and the windows CD, restarted and it has gone to the windows screen, but if i take them out it does not want to know........

  Dan the Confused 22:20 19 Oct 04

Sorry, didn't realise it was an ongoing thing.

  Magik ®© 22:21 19 Oct 04

ok will do that now

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