Windows 98 (1st edition) and USB memory stiicks

  RWest 03:48 25 Nov 07

[I've seen several similar threads]

I have an old PC with Win 98. My Peak Slider dowsn't seem to work with it - I've downloaded its driver from but can't get it to work (and get messages with typos - 'Supplised removal'!)

I *think* I need to ocnvert Win98 to Win 98 second edition and there seems to be a link left on Microsoft's website - though it does work properly and directs you to pages of 'tips' which show really how many errors win 98 has.

Anyone got a site where win98 can be upgraded? I only want it for the one purpose of using a memory stick; external hard disks and networks are slow (and latter not reliable).

PLEASE someone!!!

Or maybe there's some trick to point it to the driver?

  Ashrich 08:34 25 Nov 07

No free download I'm afraid , you'd need to buy a disk , either full version or upgrade , have a look on eBay for a cheap one .


  pk46 11:47 25 Nov 07

W98 was not USB aware and you will find problems if you try to upgrade to W98SE as it is no longer supported any new software and hardware will no longer come with W98SE drivers.

  Totally-braindead 11:51 25 Nov 07

I'm afraid I agree with the others, you need win 98 Second Edition and theres no free upgrade.
You'll have to buy it.

  Coffee Adict 12:31 25 Nov 07

I use a memory stick with W98, used it to transfer files to new laptop running XP home. It can be done, downloaded drivers for stick and it works. My stick is a Kington Data Traveller if thats any help.

  Totally-braindead 12:49 25 Nov 07

Coffee Adict can I ask what edition of windows 98 you have?

  Coffee Adict 12:55 25 Nov 07

Its the first edition not SE.

  RWest 14:13 25 Nov 07

thanks coffee addict. I have an external hard disk which works with my win98 gatewaym and goes into USB, so it can be done.

And the peak software says it's for win 98 (doesn't say which version).

Possibly it's something else - when i try to recognise new hardware, I get yellow exclamation marks, probably left over from an abortive instalation ages ago. But i can't work out how to do anything about these - the control panel must have something somewhere, but it's behind the usual multiple tabs.

  Coffee Adict 14:39 25 Nov 07

I know this is a long shot, but how many usb ports have you got, its just possible the one you are trying to use is damaged, can you try stick in port you are using hard drive on, just to see if system will recognise it.

  RWest 14:48 25 Nov 07

thanks.. worth a try; when it's free from its painfully slow giving up of its data, i'll try it. You may be right as my external disk only seems to work in one of the two slots.

PS I symapthise with your addiction...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:53 25 Nov 07

Make sure you have all your USB drivers before starting!

1. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
2. Double-click the System icon.
3. Click the Device Manager tab.

Scroll down to USB devices and click + to expand
Right click each item and select uninstall.
UNISTALL EVERYTHING under the USB heading.

Reboot the PC and then reinstall he drivers for your USB HDD and stick.

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