Windows 95 Oops Part Two......

  Squirrel1 21:15 02 Jul 07

A little while ago I corrupted the VMD32.VXD file on an old Toshiba notebook.
I have managed to reinstall Win95 but now the display does'n fill the whole screen and there is no sound. It's obvous that the relevent drivers are not installed. I do not have any of the original driver discs.
The model is a Satelite 320CDT. Where can I get the relevent drivers from.

Round Two......

  The Potter 21:25 02 Jul 07

I would try - free registration or free download once you say no thanks to viewing ads.


  brundle 21:27 02 Jul 07
  Squirrel1 21:32 02 Jul 07

Sorry lads but is too long winded and the link given by brundle seems to be no longer there....

Any more suggestions without having to enter all my personal detals??

  brundle 21:35 02 Jul 07

Just try the link again, it only seems to refresh every other time.

  Squirrel1 21:37 02 Jul 07

I have just found the display driver, more by luck with Google search. I just need the sound driver...

  Squirrel1 21:47 02 Jul 07

brundle....I tried the link again, as you suggested and it does work...
Now the sound driver I found for the model I have appears to be a Yamaha one, but the computer I have lists the hardware as Soundblaster. Will the Yamaha diver work????

  Squirrel1 20:14 04 Jul 07

I tried the Yamaha driver for the sound and it seemed to install ok. But still no sound. No the sound is not muted and I had sound untill I stuffed-up the OS... There are yelloe peril's beside some of the sound devices in device manager. I cannot remeber which ones and I do not have the computer with me right now. Any suggestions???

  Squirrel1 20:41 04 Jul 07

Looking on the net, it appears that the Toshiba note book I recntly stuffed the OS (Win 95) on requires Win 95 SR2.1. Looking at what is written this looks like a possible answer to my probems...But where do I get (correction) download a copy of Win 95 SR2.1??

  Squirrel1 21:39 25 Jul 07

After obtaining a copy of Windows 95 SR2.1 from Ebay and installing it on the problem computer with the relevent drivers etc. I now have a fully functional (stone (correction) iron age computer)...


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