Windows 8 consumer preview (mail, people, and messages)

  hgrock 09 May 12

I am using windows 8 consumer preview but have deleted mail and it took the other two, how do I reinstall windows 8 mail without reinstalling windows

  northumbria61 09 May 12

You should be able to get Windows Live Mail as part of Windows Live Essentials.

  hgrock 10 May 12

I have windows live mail, but mail windows 8 metro is something different

  northumbria61 10 May 12

Not sure if you will be able to download it separately - have you tried a system restore?

  northumbria61 10 May 12

I have been looking to see if it is available to download as a separate item but can't find anything for you.

  rdave13 10 May 12

Have a look here, link, "When you are in the metro apps page, you can immediately type the word that you are searching for to locate it. i.e. Mail, Messages, and People" Worth a look.

  Zeppelyn 10 May 12

Try add or remove features in Control Panel>Programs and Features. Failing that try System Restore or the new PC Reset feature in Control Panel, this will take Windows back to when first installed.

  robin_x 10 May 12

Seems like it must be via the App Store (presumably free for standard downloads)

Google search

It's easy to 'break' an unfamiliar OS when tinkering.

Windows 8 File History might be a way of providing an easy way of restoring if you make a mistake. (I haven't played with it myself yet)

Or as mentioned, a Standard Restore, or make a full System Image to another partition/drive.


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