Windows 8 compatible with windows 7 ?

  gel 29 Jun 12

My lap top is loaded with windows xp My desk top is loaded with windows 7 I use a usb loaded with my documents including microsoft money on both these machines. Will I be able to do the same if I install windows 8 on my desk top? Thanks for you comments in advance

  northumbria61 29 Jun 12

Microsoft says that applications that run on Windows 7 will also run on Windows 8 so I don't think you will encounter any problems.

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  ams4127 29 Jun 12

I would be inclined to run Win8 as a dual boot with Win7 and make sure that everything works. Don't forget that Win8 is still just a trial version at the moment and, personally, I wouldn't trust it as far as I could throw it.

  gel 30 Jun 12

Thank you very much for your advice, which I will follow

  KRONOS the First 30 Jun 12

Windows 8 is aimed at touch screen or Tablet computers,it brings very little to desktops.

  gel 30 Jun 12

Thanks Chronus that is a very helpful observation. How ever I have been looking at the new google nexus 7 and just wondered if I use Google drive for my documents I could view them and use them on any device desktop tablet or lap top regardless of which operating platform I have installed . But I admit I may be out of my depth on my thinking and would appreciate comments

  sharpamat 30 Jun 12

The latest news from Microsoft covers upgrading to Win 8

I have tryed it and removed it and will not be paying for it prefering to stay with Win 7 Ultimate

  KRONOS the First 30 Jun 12

Yes you can use Google drive anywhere, as you can see here. Google drive.

  gel 30 Jun 12

That is very encouraging Chronus Thank you The word of warning from sharpamat is very much appreciated thank you


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