Windows 7 and Vivitar 7310 Camera

  alfredgerald 17 Jan 12

Trying to install drivers and programme for a Vivitar 7310 digital camera on a laptop running Windows 7. It doesn’t work, apparently only compatible with XP or Vista. Have been in tough with Vivitar customer services and they cannot help, the camera is too old!!!! Any help appreciated.

  KRONOS the First 17 Jan 12

You could try and run it in compatibility mode: Compatibility mode. or buy yourself a new camera.

  alfredgerald 17 Jan 12

Thanks Chronus will give it a try.

  Secret-Squirrel 17 Jan 12

"Trying to install drivers and programme for a Vivitar 7310 digital camera on a laptop running Windows 7"

It's unusual for a digital stills camera to require extra drivers, so do you know what these drivers are supposed to do Alfred?

Most Windows 7 laptops have an SD card reader built-in, so if you simply want to view or transfer the photos then all that's required is to remove the SD card from the camera, insert it into the laptop, and when prompted, tell Windows what you want to do next.

You may also find that Windows 7 has native support for your camera if you connect it via the USB cable. If successful, it'll either appear as a hard drive or a camera in the Computer folder.

Sadly, Windows 7's Compatibility Mode doesn't work with drivers but it may be successful in getting your software installed.

  alfredgerald 26 Jan 12

Thanks Secret-Squirrel you are right on both accounts. Problem solved.


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