Windows 7 update problems

  golfpro 03:48 14 Feb 10

Yesterday I received notification of a large windows 7 update. So I went ahead and installed it. When it had finished I found it had altered my desk top and browser settings among other things.
This U/D was posted as 1 critical and 15 others. I ended up going back on system restore, but this morning the notification was there again, needless to say I haven't done anything yet.
Has anyone else had this problem?

  northumbria61 08:01 14 Feb 10

Try selecting the updates - do the Critical one first then do the others one at a time. This should let you see which one is causing the problem. You can choose which NOT to install.

  Andsome 08:33 14 Feb 10

No problems here with the latest update. The problem is possibly due to another reason on YOUR computer.

  birdface 08:50 14 Feb 10

Microsoft were blaming computers that had rootkits on them for causing the problems and a few others agree.
Maybe a scan for hidden Rootkits may help.

  Shuffty 10:14 14 Feb 10

kb977165 appears to be the one causing problems
here is some info regarding it

After installing MS10-015 (KB977165), a limited number of users are experiencing issues restarting their computers. We've stopped offering this update through Windows Update,

Update: Microsoft reports that “we’ve determined that malware on the system can cause this behavior, suggested the obtained memory dumps from computers experiencing the problem. For more information about memory dumps, refer this KB article.

  golfpro 10:41 14 Feb 10

I've just done a scan and the the only things it found where not recommended for removal. So I will have another go at the download later (got to go out) and see what happens.
I didn't have problems restarting, My Icons had been moved around and the homepage screen size was much smaller and wouldn't go back.

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