Windows 7 uninstall

  sking65 19 Jun 11

Hi. If a PC comes with windows 7 can you uninstall windows 7 and install Windows XP on the pc instead? It is windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and i would want to put XP home 32 bit on the pc. I have read all about the VMware and using it to have XP running inside windows 7 and would do that if i had to but i would rather just have one OS on the PC.

  gengiscant 19 Jun 11

If you have a retail version of XP just alter the boot sequence in the bios to CD and boot with you XP in the optical drive. Make sure you have backed up your personal folders. Uninstall 7

  canarieslover 19 Jun 11

Before you do anything you need to check whether there are XP drivers available for the motherboard. Remember also that going back to a 32bit OS will restrict you to only being able to use about 3.5Gb of ram.

  sking65 19 Jun 11

Thanks for the replies. The motherboard is a FOXCONN 2A8C. I have searched a bit to see if i can find out about the XP drivers but don't know whether there are none available or if i have looked in the wrong place. I'm not that PC savvy that i always know exactly what i am doing and i don't want to mess up the PC.

  northumbria61 19 Jun 11

Search for your Foxconn drivers here link text

  gengiscant 19 Jun 11

Having trouble finding your motherboard,what is the make /model of PC?

  sking65 19 Jun 11

I found this site earlier. I am using CPU-Z to give me the info on my pc but in the 'search by model' column in the 3rd box down 'Model' there is no number that i can see in the drop down that is relevant to anything i can see in the CPU-Z breakdown of the pc specs.

  sking65 19 Jun 11

Make is HP. Model number is G5330uk. Product number is XS610EA#ABU.

  gengiscant 19 Jun 11

There does not seem to be any XP drivers which will probably cause you problems.Drivers

  sking65 19 Jun 11

As i was suspecting. Thanks very much for your help.


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