Windows 7 ultimate product code

  muscic lover 21:12 PM 11 Aug 11

My Friend has bought a 2nd hand PC with windows 7 Ultimate installed on it. The windows now wants the product key entered as the trial period has expired. We picked the key from the rear of the PC but windows does not accept the code. In short it does not work! Is there a way of getting the key from the hard drive- No discs were present when he bought the PC.

Any ideas on how to retrieve the product key from the hard drive? Thank you.

  ams4127 21:24 PM 11 Aug 11
  Strawballs 21:36 PM 11 Aug 11

The sticker on the back with the code on it will say what version of windows it is for, my guessing it is not a legal copy sorry.

  rdave13 22:15 PM 11 Aug 11

If the sticker shows it's another version of Windows 7 (such as home premium) then you might have a chance. Iso images to download and burn to a DVD so to you can reinstall afresh. Link kindly supplied by another forum member but I can't remember whom so apologies to the person that helped previously.

Comes already 'slipstreamed' with SP1.


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