Windows 7 - trying to copy information from a cd

  grandmat 07:45 16 Jul 11
  1. I copied my email addresses onto a cd from my outlook express on windows xp. I am having to use a windows 7 home edition for a while, whilst my windows xp laptop is repaired.

I cannot for the life of me work out how to get the info on the cd into a file on the computer so that I can print the information out.

  1. Can I save the email addresses of incoming emails on Windows 7?

It is all a bit too much for me. I find Windows 7 very difficult to use

Help please - in very simple language for a rank amateur

  onthelimit1 09:52 16 Jul 11

Did you export your email address book to the CD using that function in Tools? A guide to doing this is [here ]1

  onthelimit1 09:52 16 Jul 11
  onthelimit1 09:53 16 Jul 11

Sorry, the link didn't work the first time!

  gengiscant 09:55 16 Jul 11

You will have probably copied a 'pst' file, to view this file in Windows 7 you can use this or this

  grandmat 11:22 16 Jul 11

I now cannot use my xp laptop. I copied the emails using csv onto a cd

I am using for my emails on windows 7

  gengiscant 11:48 16 Jul 11

If you have created your .csv folder from your outlook contacts list, on your Yahoo mail page, click the options at the top right of the page, and select mail options, then click contact options from the menu list on the left, click import/export, click the browse button,find your your .csv doc, then click import now.

  grandmat 12:02 16 Jul 11

no I havent got that far. They are still on the cd disc and I just want to load them into a file so that I can print a copy and input them manually

  gengiscant 12:47 16 Jul 11

Look here and use one of the programs listed there to open your csv file.

  grandmat 13:16 16 Jul 11

Thanks I will use this programme BUT how do I get the information on the cd onto this blooming Windows 7 - thats the issue I have at the moment

  gengiscant 13:23 16 Jul 11

I assume the CD is in the optical drive of the Windows 7 PC? if so just open the CD in my computer and copy the file to wherever you want on to the Windows 7 PC.

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