Windows 7 and SSD Programs

  piejonny 16:33 15 Aug 12

Hey everyone,

I've recently upgraded to a SSD - Its a clean install of Win7 Home Prem.

I have a 128Gb drive and my old 750Gb is to be used as a Data/Program drive, but i've encountered a serious problem.

After I install for example, Starcraft 2 - and play the game for 2 hours, I turn my pc off. When I turn it back on, all reference to the program has vanished from my desktop (short cuts etc) but the programs remain on my D drive. will not run and need to be re-installed.

Any ideas?

  KRONOS the First 16:45 15 Aug 12

Not really sure what you are meaning but I have a similar set-up. I too have a 128GB SSD on that is my operating system and programs. I have 1 x 1TB hard-drive which is just for Steam and other games and 1 x 1TB hard-drive for music,videos etc.

After installing Windows 7 and installing all the update the first thing I did was move all the MY folders to my storage hard-drive (D): instructions. Doing this means that you do not clutter up your SSD.

If I am installing a game which is not a Steam game I create a folder on the games hard-drive (F) and install the game to it. I will still get an icon on the desktop with which to play the game.

If you could explain a little more of what your problem is as you are a little vague.

  piejonny 17:10 15 Aug 12

I'll try and elaborate.

It's a fresh install of Win7 64-bit as you know already.

All my data is safe, and backed up.

Drive C: (the SSD) contains the OS and the OS alone.

Drive D: (the HDD) contains or rather, will contain my Games etc.

Drive D: currently has 1 folder on it. "Starcraft II" that contains all of the install files, .exe file etc.

If I install any program or place any shortcut onto my desktop. (regardless of it being SSD or HDD) when I restart the PC, the programs will appear to have vanished (no shortcuts on screen etc)

However, if I follow the paths on the drives (ex: D:Games/Starcraft II), there still there, will not run and prompt to be re-installed. I can play the games fine only once they have been installed, but never after a restart.

  KRONOS the First 17:29 15 Aug 12

That certainly is strange and I have no idea what to suggest,but I will give it some thought.

  piejonny 17:32 15 Aug 12

Tell me about it, I'll keep searching the internet! (no results so far!)

Thanks for the time though!

  KRONOS the First 17:57 15 Aug 12

What little I have managed to find seems to point to a problem or corruption within the registry. So you could either do a clean install of Windows 7( my choice) or try a repair. I find a repair causes more problems than it solves. Anyway with Windows 7 slipstreamed with SP1 I find it does not take that long to do a clean install.

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