Windows 7 search

  bahati0ne 18:16 PM 30 Sep 11

I am running Windows 7 on laptop and have files stored on portable hard drive. This is connected to an iomega server and then to a broadband router. The route is connected to the laptop wirelessly. Problem is Windows 7 search command will not recognise the hard drive and when trying to add it to search locations it does not seem to be available.

Any ideas please?

  Graphicool1 18:25 PM 30 Sep 11

Why can't you connect it direct to the laptop via a USB cable? Or you could use a USB 2.0 to IDE & SATA Cable.

  Graphicool1 18:27 PM 30 Sep 11

Also you could use an all in one HDD Dock. I use all three methods as I have many external and ex-internal drives.

  bahati0ne 18:27 PM 30 Sep 11

I am too far away and in a different place to the hard drive which is located near a desktop pc. I am using a laptop

  robin_x 19:01 PM 30 Sep 11

Indexing remote drives looks like a whole can of worms.

I read the 2nd article in full (3 pages) and still none the wiser if spending ages messing around would work.

Maybe a 3rd party util can do it?

I have never liked Windows 7 searching.


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