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  alslyall57 04 Oct 11

does anyone know how to maintain the size of a web page so it remembers it next time i open it ? with xp you used to just drag it out the corners and it would open it and remember the size with windows 7 it reverts back to the smaller screen i know i can select full screen from tools top right and it stays the same but loose my search bars when doing this im new to 7 so maybe this function wont be available any ideas

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 04 Oct 11

Open the IE8 and size the window to your liking. Then hold down the CTRL key while clicking the “X” to close the program. This will set the IE window to open at this setting every time. works for vista and w7

  alslyall57 04 Oct 11

hi thanks for your help tried what you posted not worked however im running IE9 any other ideas ? many thanks

  rdave13 04 Oct 11

Try this. Expand the page using the two arrowed cursor on each side of the page so it fills the screen to your liking. Now press and hold the SHIFT key while clicking on the X, top right, to close.

  alslyall57 05 Oct 11


tried what you said rdave13 still returns back to smaller size ???

  rdave13 05 Oct 11

OK. Try this. Open this page to it's "normal" small size and use the 'maximize' icon on top right. Once the page is full then right click the link at the bottom of this post and select open in a new window. Once the BBC window opens then hover your cursor over the IE icon in taskbar and select this page again. Once this page is showing then close it using the 'x' top right. Now do the same with the BBC page that is now showing. Hopefully when you open IE again it will open to a full page.

BBC News


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