windows 7 problem

I recently apparently downloaded a program which has infected my pc. It nullified Norton etc and now won't let me disc check or roll back to a previous time - it says that a program was loaded which has stopped me doing so. Any help or ideas urgently requested

  D@z© 16 May 12

Have you got important docs etc backed up? You may have no choice but to reinstall Windows and use a better AV than Norton!

  Woolwell 16 May 12

Actually the latest version of Norton is quite good.

Is this thread relevant Computer locked?

  woody 16 May 12

Have you removed the program you downloaded?

  lotvic 16 May 12

A few more details are needed, what program? what does it say on the screen?

  Woolwell 16 May 12

BTW bad idea to use an e-mail address as your username.

Program causing the trouble is not shown so don't know which one it is. I can still use the computer but can't restore back to clear the problem.

  buteman 16 May 12

Go into safe mode with networking and download this and run it.

See if that helps.

  buteman 16 May 12

I should have added if it finds any nasties you will have to activate it then it is free to use for 30 days.

  lotvic 16 May 12

Are you by any chance running two antivirus programs on your pc?

What other antivirus program (besides Norton) and security programs have you got installed?

Note: if you run two antivirus programs in real time they will conflict with each other and cause the symptoms that you have.

  lotvic 16 May 12

and as previously suggested, advise you to change your username. Not a good idea to use your email address.


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