Windows 7 PC displaying boxes and symbols instead of English?

  mackay64 22:05 PM 07 Sep 11

The title said it all. Turned on the computer this morning, and instead of showing normal english, it was boxes and symbols. Certain features work fine, but login names, passwords and dialog boxes all display as boxes and symbols. System restore didn't do the trick, how do I fix it?

  northumbria61 22:20 PM 07 Sep 11

Check in Control Panel - Region & Language - under Format Tab - make sure English (United Kingdom) is selected - then Under Location Tab United Kingdom

  mackay64 23:10 PM 07 Sep 11

First thing I did, so it's not that :( Wish it was.

  letsgetrdy 23:28 PM 07 Sep 11

Did you make any changes that may have brought this upon? Any updates etc?

If restore didn't work, then it isn't a conflict in the registry.

I would try a SFC scan to ensure all system files have the default integrity.

  mackay64 12:35 PM 08 Sep 11

Yeah I made a Windows Update, that's the only change. Just did an SFC scan, but it said there was no problem there.

  northumbria61 12:53 PM 08 Sep 11

If not already installed I suggest you download ad run Malwarebytes from here enter link description here

  letsgetrdy 01:08 AM 09 Sep 11

What updates were installed before the problem?


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