windows 7 pc cannot find router

  howard64 12:47 PM 15 Apr 11

My main pc has suddenly started to be unable to find the router which it is connected to by ethernet [cable had been changed for known good ones] it is listed as unidentified network no contact. My other pc connected to the same router has no problem. I have reset the ip address and occasionaly I can get it to connect but the next reboot kills it again. Does anyone have any idea as to what has gone wrong and how to fix it?

  robin_x 13:07 PM 15 Apr 11

Don't know. Recent Windows update screwed it up?

Can you restore to before the updates or when the problem started?

  howard64 13:58 PM 15 Apr 11

did not fix it

  woodchip 14:05 PM 15 Apr 11

Delete the connection reboot for it to re-enable find it

  woodchip 14:08 PM 15 Apr 11

PS in Networking set everything to Auto like DNS etc

  howard64 14:13 PM 15 Apr 11

have done all that but still the same

  howard64 14:28 PM 15 Apr 11

reinstalled w7 but made no difference. Now fully formatting hard drive and will install w7 again and see what happens.

  ashleycardwell94 03:01 AM 16 Apr 11

did you try changing the cable back, maybe one of the copper strands had broken.

  howard64 17:57 PM 16 Apr 11

still no joy tried different cables and new installation of w7 I am begining to think that the built in ethernet port has failed. I will install a network card and see what happens.

  howard64 17:59 PM 16 Apr 11

great now working ok with network card


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