Windows 7 network speed query

  ashleycardwell94 26 Dec 11

Due to traveling on Wednesday, i have ripped 32+ dvd's via DVD decrypter to put on to my netbook to watch on my travels as it does not have a cd/dvd drive.

To do this, i have used a desktop to rip the dvd's and i want to transfer the files to my netbook via LAN.

Currently all of my dvd's have been ripped to a total of 120gb. Storage is not a problem but when i transfer the files to the netbook via the network at 54mbps, it only copies at 1mbps. Both devices are idling when i copy but at 1mbps, it will take days to transfer 120gb. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

FYI, both machines are running windows 7 home, connected via Bt home hub, one wired, one wireless but makes no difference. A different format will not help as there are other files i need to transfer too, but they are not urgent.

  rdave13 26 Dec 11

Use a flash drive. Copy from desktop to flash drive, or ordinary USB drive then transfer. Make sure your netbook supports DVD viewing.

  ashleycardwell94 26 Dec 11

Just tried that, writes at 600-700kbps, slower, and im using VLC and opening disk then just selecting the folder.

  rdave13 26 Dec 11

Using VLC?

  lotvic 26 Dec 11

Wouldn't it be quicker to take your netbook harddrive out and hook it up to the desktop then just copy the files from desktop pc to netbook harddrive.

  rdave13 26 Dec 11


Yup, but if you have an USB drive, copy and paste, 120 GB will take some time, then connect to the netbook and copy and paste again, should be completed in less than 5 hours with an additional bonus of a backup... :)

  ICF 27 Dec 11

Connect the netbook to the PC with a ethernet cable.


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