windows 7 loses my printers

  wes513 20:10 12 Apr 10

I have a new computer running windows 7 and it keeps losing my printers. they always come back on restart, but thats getting old fast. I checked and all printers are hl-2040....hpdeskjet 3847...hp officejet all in one 7210. Any help would be appreciated. thanks

  bremner 22:01 12 Apr 10

How are they connected.

  wes513 22:28 12 Apr 10

the printers are wired through a router, another computer connented to the system running xp has no problems.

  john bunyan 22:33 12 Apr 10

Did you download and install W7 drivers for them? If not suggest you uninstall, disconnect, download the WW7 drivers (32 or 64 bit as appropriate) then reconnect. The printers website should have download details.

  bremner 22:33 12 Apr 10

Have you installed the most relevant drivers for the 7210 and Brother to the W7 machine?

  bremner 22:34 12 Apr 10

HP say the 3847 drivers are included in W7 (32)

  john bunyan 22:52 12 Apr 10

Many new laptops have W7 64 bit - this woud=ld mean you need W7 64 bit drivers on the W7 machine and Xp on that machine.

  wes513 22:54 12 Apr 10

downloaded and redownloaded. we restart the computer and it work great for awhile, then the printers just aren't there. restart the computer and they are there again.

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