Windows 7 Homegroup problem

  BHG 12 May 11

I have two laptops operating with Windows 7 and both operate satisfactorily via router to Internet.The problem I have is networking between the two. Initial set up of homegroup is OK but the connection between the two drops out after about an hour and cannot be restored unless I start the whole process of leaving and setting up re-setting up the homegroup. Any ideas? I have checked and removed power saving settings on both machines.

  northumbria61 12 May 11

It may an issue caused by anti-virus update. I recommend you to temporarily disable anti-virus and switch Windows Firewall to test. BTW, make sure that you have turned on network discovery on both PC and laptop. If you are using Bullguard it is just possible this is the cause.

  sharpamat 13 May 11

When I came across this sort of problem, I did many checks. Rebooting (inc router ) reset it for a short time, which ruled out antivirus or up dates because it did run ok for a time.

Logging onto makers website HP in both of our systems and checking drivers and software I found an update for networking, downloaded, and installed if it on both systems, and have had no more disconections


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