Windows 7 Home Premium

I have recently lost the 'send to desktop' short-cut that appeared when you right clicked your mouse. Help needed please

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20 Jun 11
  1. Click Start , type the following path and press Enter :


  1. Copy the file Desktop (create shortcut) from the Default user folder and place a copy in your user profile SendTo folder.

  2. The SendTo folder of your user profile can be accessed by typing shell:sendto in the Start-search box.

bad idea to post your email address in an open forum, you will likely be spammed to death I suggest you change your username (My Profile Top of page)

Hello to my new best friend -Fruit Bat /\0/\ Many thanks about your tip re my e-mail address in an open forum Job is done - Hopefully bye-bye to all 'spammers' John...

  lotvic 20 Jun 11

Username, hmmm, using a made up email address to confuse the spammers. If we all did that the forum would not only be messy looking it would attract the bots to harvest them all and confuse newcomers who may think they have to use an email address for their username :(

....:) would be better just to be called john1945

(I'm just trying to be friendly and helpful)

  doncoylyone 21 Jun 11

Dear lotvic... I just joined pc advisors forums yesterday (just a novice). Thanks for your well meaning, and friendly advice. I will change my user name to doncoylyone in the 'My Profile' at the top of the page

  lotvic 21 Jun 11

doncoylyone, welcome to the forum

to greentick your problem resolved: Click on the big grey tick at the side of Fruit Bat /\0/\'s post and the grey tick will turn green to indicate that that is what solved prob. (He's good is Fruit Bat /\0/\ - knows his stuff)

If you want to stop getting email notifications then click on the Unsubscribe Link in the email.

Site's a pretty new design and we are all still getting used to the changes and there are still a few bits that don't work right ;-)


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