Windows 7 firewall?

  hiwatt 21 Mar 13

Hi folks.I was wondering if the "built in" firewall on windows 7 is sufficient enough or if a 3rd party firewall is necessary? I ask this because after reading another thread I did the "shields up" test here and the last part failed saying my computer was "pinging" I'm using windows 7 firewall in it's default settings!

  hiwatt 21 Mar 13


  hiwatt 21 Mar 13

Link's not working.Sorry!

  Secret-Squirrel 21 Mar 13

Hiwatt, do you connect to the Internet via a router? If so then it's your router that's replying to ping requests so no software firewall on your PC will make any difference.

What ShieldsUP has reported isn't really anything to be concerned about. If however you want to address this issue then log into your router and there'll be an option somewhere called something like "Ignore ping requests from the Internet". In my router the option's called "Ignore Ping Packet From WAN Port" and I have it enabled.

  hiwatt 21 Mar 13

Secret-Squirrel I connect to the net via Virgin Medias Hub.I've logged into it but all I can find is Respond to ICMP echo requests sent to WAN IP and that is already unchecked?

  Secret-Squirrel 21 Mar 13

That certainly looks like the right option. It's very strange that your Virgin Hub's not behaving as it should.

  hiwatt 22 Mar 13

I reran the test and it passed this time :)


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