Windows 7 Dial Up?

  Legslip 10:26 AM 16 Jul 11

My pal has purchased a Dell Inspiron Laptop with Win 7 and wishes to use it on a dial-up connection in a remote cottage. He says it doesn't work. I think there may be two problems.

1 There may not be a 56k modem in the laptop (I'll have to check the model & spec.) If not, any recommends?

2 His ISP (BT) have told him that Win & does not work with Dial-Up. I can't believe that but can anyone comment please?

  Woolwell 10:40 AM 16 Jul 11

I haven't got 7 but according to this it is possible to set up dial up Windows 7 dial up

. Very surprised if the new laptop has a modem. He'll have to go USB modem.

  David4637 14:08 PM 16 Jul 11

I have W7 64 bit on Tosh Laptop with dial up, and had to buy an external modem that plugs into the USB port, I think it cost about £12, is small and works OK. David

  Legslip 14:27 PM 16 Jul 11

Thanks all. Solutions noted. Will buy a USB modem.


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