Windows 7, Could not create shortcut check if disk is full

  compumac 19:39 26 Apr 15

I actually posted this back in 2013 and never found an answer that worked. I am now back in the same boat and have trawled the internet to find a solution but have not yet found one.

I have been trying to put a shortcut to Google onto my daughters desktop but am unable to do so.

I am able to create shortcuts to items that are on my PC but am unable to create any from websites.

Any new suggestions out there?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:23 26 Apr 15

how are you trying to do it?

right click on desktop - new - shortcut

type www. google . co . uk (without the spaces) - Next - tpye Google - click Finish

  compumac 10:23 27 Apr 15

Fruit Bat/\0/\

Thanks for reply. I found that your suggestion works on two of my PC's but on this particular one I receive the dialogue box

"Unable to open this internet shortcut. The protocol "HTTP" does not have a registered programme".

This is the same error that I receive when creating the desktop shortcut by other means.

  compumac 11:20 27 Apr 15


Thanks but still same result.

  Batch 11:44 27 Apr 15

Have you tried holding down SHIFT whilst dragging and dropping a URL (fropm the address bar) on to the desktop?

Alternatively, Control Panel - Default Programs - Set your Default Programs - select the browser you would like to open http - 'Set this program as default' or 'Choose defaults for this program' and then select HTTP under Protocols.

  compumac 13:44 27 Apr 15


Thanks for response.

Holding down shift etc did not appear to facilitate copy to desktop.

HTTP is selected.

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