Windows 7 and Audacity query

  Happy37 08:22 23 Oct 09

Hi all

I have loaded Windows 7 Pro on my P4 2.4Ghz PC, 2GB RAM, with 2 brand new hard drives and all is working well.

I have managed to get Audacity version 1.2.6 running in compatibility mode (Windows XP SP3).

Audacity works well - I do have a query - how do I get the program to "remember" the Microphone input volume, and keep it to the same level in every session?

The speaker output volume works OK - it's the Microphone input volume that changes with every recording's a pain having to slide and move things every time.

Any thoughts, please?



  eedcam 08:45 23 Oct 09

Strange it does not change with mine it will retain all the input settings bear in mind its only using window recording control not audacity

  Happy37 08:49 23 Oct 09


Thanks for this - so, how do I correct this?

  eedcam 22:10 23 Oct 09

Hi sorry no idea I've had a good search around but can see no reasopn it should not reatain it etting for each input .Perhaps its either a Windows 7 isuue or you rsound card

  stlucia 08:03 24 Oct 09

I asked a similar question a short while back, using XP. I got no answer to the problem.

But while experimenting I noted that on many occasions the Audacity mic volume control was linked directly to the PC's volume control that pops up when I click the loudspeaker icon at the bottom right of my screen -- i.e. I change the PC speaker volume and the Audacity mic volume moved in sympathy with it. Quite often, if I had changed my PC's speaker volume for listening to tracks, or to a soundrack on a web page, I would find that Audacity's mic volume control had changed to maximum next time I opened Audacity. And quite often, if I tried to change the Audacity mic volume it would snap-to maximum volume.

My only solution was not to touch the PC's volume control during a recording session where I wanted the mic volume to stay the same.

  Happy37 13:35 26 Oct 09

Hi eedcam and stlucia

Thanks for the advice - I have now gone back to using Windows XP as Audacity was proving too unstable for me to use on Windows 7 Pro.

Will wait for the new non-beta version of it to come out before trying again under Windows 7.

Any thoughts?



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