Windows 7 & XP display question

  bumpkin 06 Jan 13

Hi everyone, my preferred desktop background is light coloured. Is there a way on changing the text below the screen icons from white to something darker as it would be easier to see. I have looked but can't find an option for this.

  bumpkin 06 Jan 13

That is not the title I put in. It has added amp; for some reason.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 06 Jan 13

Theoretically you can't change them.

The Desktop icon fonts are dynamic and will show white on dark backgrounds and change to white with a black shadow effect on a light background.


Go to CONTROL PANEL and in the "search control panel" bar at the top type in "COLOR SCHEME"

then click on the CHANGE WINDOWS COLORS AND METRICS that pops up in the list DESKTOP will automatically come up and, the default color of the background is black therefore making the font of the icons white.

If you turn the color to white the font will now be black.

  bumpkin 06 Jan 13

Thanks Fruitbat, sounds clever, I am trying to do in XP and not getting very far, is this workaround for Win7 only?

  bumpkin 06 Jan 13

In XP I am going to control panel, clicking the search icon (magnifying glass)and then typing COLOR SCHEME into the address bar then press the go button but nothing happens at first and then I get a message "page cannot be displayed" I would seem I am doing something fundamentally wrong.

  bumpkin 06 Jan 13

I am going to mark this as resolved and do a new post without the confusing title which was not what I put in the first place, something changed it.

  lotvic 06 Jan 13

bumpkin, I think you will have to type the word: and and not use & (uppercase 7) I think the thread titles can't cope with display of the 'funny characters' due to the formatting of text pca are using.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 06 Jan 13

Yes for windows 7

  SillBill 06 Jan 13


Funny how it displays the & AND the abbreviation amp for ampersand in the title innit?

  lotvic 06 Jan 13


Hilarious innit

  bumpkin 06 Jan 13

OK, that explains the daft title, I was trying to do it using XP. Will try it Mon in win7. Sillbill is a bit on a comedian int e.


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