Windows 7

  tobyjug2007 12:20 16 Nov 09

I am contemplating buying a Laptop with Windows 7 OS, is windows 7 more or less the same as vista, cos i dont want anything remotely similar to Vista, its worde, much worse than XP?
What amount of RAM is required to use Windows 7, as i recall Vista wa very RAM hungry.
Problems with programmes? Am i better sticking with XP?
Any help or advice would be welcomed.

  peter99co 13:23 16 Nov 09

click here

Go for it. Better than the rest. It may even run Windows 95 software in compatable mode.

  tobyjug2007 14:05 16 Nov 09

i think i will stay with XP for a while, let MS iron out any glitches, i hate Vista, yet when XP was first released i didn't like that either, its obvious that Vista never appealed to a lot of people as a lot of my friends downgraded back to XP.
Any other comments ppl?

  Pine Man 15:11 16 Nov 09

'let MS iron out any glitches'.

What would they be then?

  tobyjug2007 15:40 16 Nov 09

By the sounds of the comments i am probably better sticking with XP?

  Pine Man 15:54 16 Nov 09

Quite the contrary.

I haven't found any glitches with Windows 7. I didn't find many with Vista but loads with XP even though they provided THREE service packs!

I can't think of any good reasons to stick with XP.

  tobyjug2007 16:04 16 Nov 09

so in your opinion it would be advantageous to me to buy a laptop with Windows 7 OS... What amount of RAM is required to run applications and general browsing please?

  Pine Man 16:10 16 Nov 09

This will tell you all you need to know click here

  morddwyd 19:39 16 Nov 09

With over a million copies of the Release Candidate sent out to Joe Public all over the world free of charge in the last six months most of the glitches were ironed out before release.

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