Windows 64 bit on XP Pro

  Gingerland 11:05 25 Mar 05


Does anyone have any experience of windows 64 bit edition?
I have scoured the web and not been able to find the answer to this question.
Is it possible to install 64 bit onto XP Home edition, or does it have to be XP Pro?

I would be grateful for any feedback on this.



  LastChip 11:30 25 Mar 05

Hasn't been released yet.

The only "home" operating systems available to utilise the 64 bit process are Linux based.

  FelixTCat 12:19 25 Mar 05

Win XP 64-bit is a new operating system. It doesn't matter what you are running now - it will overwrite it, or you can dual-boot with it.

It will only run on 64-bit processors, either Athlon-64 or the latest 64-bit capable Pentiums.

At the moment it is in the beta testing phase, reputedly at Release Candidate 2, i.e. pretty near release. If you can get on to the testing program (not difficult) Microsoft will give you the download link to the latest version.

  bremner 12:27 25 Mar 05

I have been running RC2 of XP Pro 64 bit for a couple of weeks - having used an early beta for many months.

The real problem at the moment is drivers - I have sourced sound and graphics but scanner/printer are more of a problem.

Have a look at the review of RC1 in this months PCA.

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