Windows 3.1

  mark mcc 23:26 03 Jun 06

Does anyone know where i cpuld get a hold of windows 3.1 and is it available to download for free???

I know its a strange question and OS but i qould like to give it a go 1 more time to bring back memories haha

Thanks Guys and Gals

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:38 03 Jun 06

Not available for free but lots of info software etc. click here

  wolfie3000 00:10 04 Jun 06

Try ebay.

click here

  Pine Man 11:10 04 Jun 06

If you weren't aware, you will also need something like DOS 6.22 to run Windows 3.11

  Diemmess 11:44 04 Jun 06

Just as Win98SE will become unstable over 512Mb, I suspect Windows 3.1.1 etc. may not run beyond 64Mb. (That's just a guess, but my first Windows computer had 1.0Mb RAM when I bought it).
I have an invoice from Technomatic for £74 for another 1Mb ..... Including delivery!

  stylehurst 13:07 04 Jun 06

I have disks for Windows 3.11 and DOS, if you e-mail me directly. I could make copies, and send them to you.

  mark mcc 16:36 04 Jun 06
  mark mcc 16:37 04 Jun 06

thanks everyone
for the avdvice

  Mark McC 22:07 04 Jun 06


so what you are sayin i could not run wondows 3.1 on a 3.40GHz,1GB Ram,100GB HDD laptop then and what is the lowest OS i could run on a 14 GIG partition i would like to go back to 98.

How can i install windows 98 on a XP Home System

and can you still buy it


  lotvic 00:08 05 Jun 06

click here and follow the links on the righthand side

  Diemmess 09:10 05 Jun 06

Answers back to front.
If still keen on trying 3.1.1 life would be simpler if you used a ten year old PC.

3.1.1 takes very little disk space and requires very little RAM.
There will be all sorts of problems with drivers, none of them fatal but it will try your patience.

You say you really want to install 98SE.
14Gb is plenty and you will need to reduce the RAM to 512 or less.

One snag is that (as far as I know) W98 will ONLY INSTALL ON C: and will not install if there is a more recent version of Windows already installed.

I hope others may give you some way to work around these problems.

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