Windows 2000 Pro Personal Profiles

  GazMaz 14:46 20 Dec 04

I have a problem, I has a bit of a crash earlier today, but all seemed to sort it'self out.
After a reboot all my personal setting seemed to have disapeared and I'm back at an old profile, which has been long changed. Items missing off the desktop, Internet, and other setting's all changed!
I have tried a restore (F8 at bootup) to a previous setting but it doesn't give me any options other than an original (default) setting!
I'm on Win 2000Pro and I use Office 2003

I'm also Running
Zone Alarm
AVG 7.0
AdAware SE Plus

I have run all of these to make sure system is clean all seems OK!
Plus the MY COMPUTER, MY NETWORK PLACES and RECYCLE BIN icons on the desktop are all just showing the windows logo and not the usual icon.
Can anyone help?

  GazMaz 15:21 20 Dec 04

There seems to be new User added to the Documents and Settings folder, this is my name, firstname.secondname, I cannot remname this folder or delete it. I can see my original user folder but bbot up seems to point to this new folder, also I have old email account restored in Outlook!

  recap 15:48 20 Dec 04

Can you access your old account in any way (try right clicking on it) to change the username and password to enable you to log in to it?

  GazMaz 18:33 20 Dec 04

I can get into the folders what seems to be happening is that windows has reverted to some old profile setting, the new folders Firstname.Secondname is now the log in profile for my original sign in? If that makes sense.
I have tried to create a new user and copy the profile from my original account, this has partially helped but not completely.
Any ideas

  recap 09:15 22 Dec 04

If you have performed regular back ups can you do a restore?

  GazMaz 09:40 22 Dec 04

No I haven't I back up all my import files to a seperate disk, but setting I leave.
Lesson learned I suppose, although it's not a disaster it is a pain. I've never run a systems backup I'll have to look into that one.
I know have everything back (nearly) to how it was before, however I have had to create a new user!

  MichelleC 09:54 22 Dec 04

You can always run a 'repair' but you then have to redo all updates. BTW what caused the crash?

  GazMaz 10:10 22 Dec 04

I had a Outlook 2003 failure and then a machine stopping moment, however this seemed to resolve it'self until I did a reboot, that's when all the issues started, I think I'll carry on as is and eventually get rid of my original user config, if I'm able to of course.
These are the sorts of Microsoft foibles which really make people hate Microsoft, everything running smoothly then.... BANG!
Still it keeps us busy I suppose (as if we haven't got better things to do!)

  recap 17:21 22 Dec 04

Have you looked in Event Viewer for any errors of what caused this event?

Have you tried deleting the new user profile when logged in as the Administrator and not the user?

  GazMaz 08:58 24 Dec 04

No I hadn't looked in the Event Log and when I check back there are some slightly different events in there.
I have now logged on as Administrator and killed the new user, however logging onto the original user didn't change the profile setup, still went to what seemed an older version, I will eventually kill that one and use the user profile, after backup's etc.
I'll kill this thread now, thanks for you help........

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