Windows 10 and Making Google My Home Page

  redbarron 11:05 07 Aug 15

Is there a way I can make Google my home page in Windows 10 please.

  tullie 11:44 07 Aug 15

You can make anything you like as your homepage,use your browser settings,just the same as other Windfows system.

  Govan1x 12:54 07 Aug 15

Not sure you can change it on Edge.

If you have not downloaded that use I/E. I got that going to control panel and choosing Default programs. make IE your default program.

To open it I had to open facebook and I/E opened that and it was just a matter of clicking its icon in the taskbar choosing I/E and pinning it to the taskbar.

If you have already downloaded Edge I would not install I/E as it will slow down your computer. Choose Firefox or one of the others instead.

  rdave13 13:12 07 Aug 15

In Edge, click the three dots top right. Select settings. Where is says 'open with', dot the button for 'a specific page or pages'. See box below, first time will show 'about blank', double click it to highlight and type '' or any other url for the site you want. Click the save icon if showing. So that's your start page. To get the home page to show go to Advanced settings just below, select 'show the home button' on, and type your site's url in the box and save. When you open a new tab you'll have to click on the home button for the url you've selected as it automatically goes to the 'Where to Next?' page.

  Ketek 21:00 06 Nov 15

I'm trying to get rid of MSN as home page on Win10 and change to All I see on your web site are a bunch of smart ass responses. In win10 there doesn't seem to be a 'tools' icon in the upper right corner, just 'Cuctomize Google Chrome'. So, how do you do it, without being a smart-ass - Win10 is frustrating enough.

  don't know help me 14:59 05 Dec 15

I have just installed windows 10 and cannot get Google as my home page. There is no toolbar icon and I have lost ALL my favourites. Please help me someone. Thanks

  rdave13 15:13 05 Dec 15

I assume you're using Edge as your browser? For now go back to Internet Explorer. Click on the start icon, bottom left. Select All Apps, scroll down to Windows accessories and expand, right click IE and pin to start or task bar for ease of access. Open IE.

In Edge you have the three dots top right, click on that and select settings, in the box that opens click on View favourite settings, select the browser you want to import favourites. In the advanced settings, switch on 'show the home button', and type ww w google .co .uk in the box.

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