Window Live Messenger

  hcir 10:39 11 Feb 07

Been using windows live messenger for a while now but every time i connect i seem to get a really bad line when speaking to someone. I have also tried skype also and that seems even worse. for instance the test call on skype sounds as if the lady is underwater then the commection cuts off. Im on a broadband connection and currently running at 1.1 mbps but is there anything i can do to increase the call clarity. for an example i can see them speaking on the webcam but dont hear the words they are saying maybe just the last bit of a sentence My query is to see if there is a way to improve this ur do i stay at messeging and come to the conclusion "well its free, what do you expect?"

hope someone can help

many thanks

  big bloke66 12:56 11 Feb 07

Just a thought have you tried the help site?
click here

  brundle 12:57 11 Feb 07

Try without the webcam

  birdface 12:59 11 Feb 07

I take it that you have tried audio video set up on W/Messenger tools.

  big bloke66 13:00 11 Feb 07

Should also have said then go to Faq, then seventh topic down.
Hope this makes sense.

  hcir 16:29 11 Feb 07

Have tried the help site not much help as i have tried all suggestions. also tried turning the webcam off but it still persists. Checked all the settings with the audio and video. closed all other programs down while messenger is running. still persists. dont know what else to try!!!!!

  ACOLYTE 17:12 11 Feb 07

Try re installing your sound drivers?

  birdface 17:31 11 Feb 07

Try control panel,Sound and audio devices,Voice, Troubleshoot.See if that helps.

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