Window fails to close

Windows XP Professional
Internet Explorer

I cannot get my window to close either by using
File - Close
X in top right hand corner of Window
Control W

I end up with multiple windows open which stay even when the Internet connection is ended.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

  keith-236785 09:54 14 May 03

try pressing ALT + ESC
ALT + F4

alternatively you could try CTRL+ALT+DEL, This opens Windows Task Manager this will show all active windows on the Applications screen. choose the window you want to close and then click on End Task at the bottom.
THEN WAIT A FEW SECONDS FOR A MESSAGE TO APPEAR SAYING SOMETHING LIKE, "the window" is not responding, you can then choose End Now, Wiat, or Cancel ( i think ) Choose End Now, the window should then close...
hope this helps

Thanks paperman27.

ALT + ESC or ALT + F4 - nether work.

I have tried CTRL+ALT+DEL and can force the task to end (with and error message to Microsoft).

I am trying for a permanent solution. It looks as if something is locking the Internet Explorer window. (Some windows close, others don't)

I guess I could delete and re-install the application but that is a little drastic if it is a question of just flipping off a switch somewhere.

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