windoes log-on

  Morpheus© 16:36 05 Jun 03

could you please tell me where do i find the above, i have lost the link to the other PC, and the log-on box which used to come up, and i would just click OK, does not, for some reason


  spikeychris 19:13 05 Jun 03

This is for Win98 and WinME...

a. In Control Panel, double-click the Network Icon;

b. In the Configuration tab, click the Add button;

c. Click Client, and click Add;

d. Windows builds a Driver Information database for a few seconds, and
opens the Select Network Client box. Click Microsoft under
Manufacturers, and click Microsoft Family Logon under the Network
Clients list. Put your Windows 98/ME CD in the CD-ROM , and click OK.

e. Windows installs Microsoft Family Logon, and prompts you to
reboot. Do so, and come back into Control Panel, which will likely be
open on your desktop on rebooting.

f. Double-click the Users icon, enable multiple users, and follow the
wizard to set up individual logons.

g. Now the computer will *force* a specific logon before booting, and
only from among the specific logon IDs you have set up. A user should
log off before turning the computer over to another family member.


  Morpheus© 21:56 05 Jun 03

thanks for that, i spent ages looking before i ask in here, nice one..all sorted

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