Winbond Hardware Doctor - Strange problem plz help

  roders 20:22 28 Jul 03

My spec:-

Windows xp
Athlon xp
512ddr ram
Geoforce 3tdi

The problem i have is with a program called Winbond Hardware Doctor. Its a software program that came with my motherboard and it monitors my temperature for voltage levels and to check if overheating etc. (i hope someone reading this knows of this program!)

anyway when i open this program up i get about ten error messages saying various things

Warning your cpu temp exceeds the limits.

it says this on everything...all the voltage levels. its quite difficult to explain

if some one knows of this problem any help would be appreciated.

i cant see how everything exceeds the limits. its like its not reading correctly. ive reinstalled the program and checked all my hardware etc but no joy

thanks for your time

  Jean-Luc Picard 20:53 28 Jul 03

What readings are you getting?

  roders 21:08 28 Jul 03

the order its set out:-


all read Zero

except -12v reads minus 14.90

sys temp and cpu temp reads 127c!

which i know is wrong because from turning computer on stone cold it still reads 127c

driving me crazy.

if anyone respons il be back in an hour to respond


  -pops- 06:25 29 Jul 03

Most computers don't have the "benefit" of this utility. Your computer will be quite happy without it as well. If everything is operating as it should, consign this thing to the bin and forget about it.

Having said that, I do have this same thing installed in my current machine and it seems to work OK - that is when I can be bothered or when I remember to look at it.

  oglemire 06:38 29 Jul 03

I have resolved issues identical to this by uninstalling the monitor. The reading may be inacurate..... if your happy that the hardware is ok and all your fans are running uninstall the utility.

  Jean-Luc Picard 09:42 29 Jul 03

I have this facility with my Abit motherboard and it functions perfectly. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling it? Otherwise it could be a problem with a motherboard sensor.

  roders 16:58 29 Jul 03

ive already uninstalled and reinstalled but reads the same readings.

I would just leave it but the fact that it was working just over a week ago for the last year and then now its reading something wrong

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