winaso reg optimizer

is this program for real? i had heard good things about it, just downloaded the trial. full scan before with ccleaner and reg mech 6 showed no problems at all. it's on a rarely used clean install vista pc which boots in around 20 seconds and runs very smoothly.
it has found 436 problems lol
i can only remove 10, wonder if it's ever found 10 or less? i dont really think so! it better uninstall as quick as it installed.

  sunny staines 15:28 16 Sep 07

the optimise settings clash with those of AWC2. the setting of AWC2 I find are far better, that is my only moan with this program.

you need to rescan cleaning ten at a time to clean the pc when you first scan [tip just tick a couple of boxes at a time for rescans its quicker]

after cleaning all future scans are give reasonable readings.

eusing reg cleaning is similar to winaso I use both and do alternate scans each week.

adman 2
Hi its for real but i guess if its not broken dont fix it.
The way of speeding up the cleaning process is to take a note of the areas with zero errors and deselect as you keep rescanning,it doesnt take it too long.
Also note if you restore the back up reg it does that at ten at a time also apparently.
I did notice a speed improvement,however not everyone is the same.

  sunny staines 15:29 16 Sep 07

winaso also fixed a lot of problems reg mechanic found but could not fix, hence reg mechanic was replaced by winaso.

after i uninstalled it reg mech found 1 problem add/ remove winaso, ccleaner also found this.
the thing is reg mech found boat loads of problems till i bought it. it seems to me this is a little dishonest and i shall not be looking at any pc tools or winaso products again.

  RobCharles1981 15:42 16 Sep 07


woops this is it looks a bit better
click here

woops this is it looks a bit better
click here

and now i have posted twice!

i downloaded this, as a third opinion if you like. the results:
spyware removal = 0 probs
security defence = 37 unprotected items (active x)
registry fix = 0 probs
system optimization = 0 probs
start up manger = 2 unknown/ not needed items (ntune, ultra mon (which kinda is needed))
privacy sweep = 0 probs
junk file clean = 0 probs

i ran both awc2 and winaso after running ccleaner, 436 problems with winaso? i doubt it!

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