ol blueeyes 16:26 07 Jun 08

All of a sudden this programme keeps appearing and telling me to Download then it does a scan and again tells me to Download then it does another scan and on and on and on and on
Have never seen it before. it does have a logo very similar to microsoft certainly the same colour squares.
Any ideas please.

  johndrew 16:32 07 Jun 08

Is this the thing you mean click here. Removal instructions are also contained in the text body but Spybot S&D, Spyware Terminator, and similar may also work.

  Cockney Rebel 16:32 07 Jun 08

This should give you some here

  ol blueeyes 16:33 07 Jun 08

Now i see it is installed in My Documents as Install 1024 when I open it it is titled Winantvirus Pro instalkler and then it keeps on installing on and on and on again

  ol blueeyes 16:38 07 Jun 08

Thanks to you both can see what it now is. it is obviously a rouge now i know how to get rid of it. But the similarity to MS does at first mislead you
Ta again

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