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Winamp Problems

  Gaz W 22:00 08 May 05


Winamp can't play CDs properly any more. I don't know why, as it has always worked before, but now whenever I play a CD, any CD, it skips at the beginning and won't let me move the slider along when listening to a track so I can get to a certain part of it. This is very annoying because a few days ago it was working. The problem started last week with version 5.08, and in the end I uninstalled it and installed version 5.09.

This only happens with audio on CDs, not with audio from the hard disk.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any help,


  dogbreath1 22:13 08 May 05

I use Winamp. It's very good! There's also a useful forum click here I suppose the simple answer is to revert to the version that worked for you...but if you want to retain the newer version, and if you fail to solve your problem here, have a chat with the folks on the Winamp forum:)

  Gaz W 22:27 08 May 05

Hi, thanks for the reply.

The thing is, the problems didn't coincide with installing a new version! It seemed to just happen last week, and because I got sick of it, I reinstalled, but am still having the problems. Other players seem fine... Windows Media Player plays the CDs without fault, but I loathe and despise Media Player and want to use Winamp!

  hzhzhz 23:57 08 May 05

I have just upgraded to winamp 509 and the internet radio and tv sounds are horrendous. I restored back to winamp 508 and all was fine. Have you found 509 to be nasty sounding?.

  Gaz W 00:24 09 May 05


5.09 seems to sound OK, it's just this stupid problem with CD playback. I reduced the buffer and it resolved the problem but brought about a new problem, so I disabled the buffer altogether and am now experiencing the original problem! Can I download 5.08 again from winamp.com to try it out? I don't think it will resolve the problem, as the problem started to occur shortly BEFORE changing to 5.09, but it's worth a try!

  hzhzhz 08:38 09 May 05

What I did was to do a system restore to take my pc back to the point before I downloaded 509. Winamp 508 was then restored and all was ok.

  Gaz W 13:52 09 May 05

Well I'm thinking of reinstalling Windows to be honest - I just wish I'd kept up to date with my Norton Ghost backups! I tell everyone else to and then don't back mine up for months!

I'll tick this thread as resolved for now, because I can't reinstall Windows just at the moment so I'll just use Windows Media Player until I can!

Thanks for your help,


  dogbreath1 22:56 09 May 05

"I just wish I'd kept up to date with my Norton Ghost backups! I tell everyone else to and then don't back mine up for months!" I do that!!

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