Winamp 5.02 keeps opening with 'classic' skin

  bloo meeny 18:01 14 Mar 04

Anyone else using Winamp 5.02 ?

It always opens with the 'classic' skin but I prefer the 'modern' one so I have to right-click and change it. If I close and re-open it straight away, it stays as I left it BUT when I next switch on the PC, winamp is back to using the 'classic' skin again !!!
I have never loaded any extra skins to use.

Any ideas ??

  phil 19:21 14 Mar 04

Have you tried going into 'config' just below and to the right of the player.

In the drop down click on 'color themes', choose your skin and click on 'switch'.

When you next start it up it should open with the skin you chose. If not try re-installing it.

ps. Bricks is nice.

  bloo meeny 20:18 14 Mar 04

Seems to have worked after following your advice - survived a restart anyway.

  bloo meeny 21:06 16 Mar 04

Good ol' Winamp really DOES prefer that 'classic skin'.

I know it's no big deal - but it never happened with the previous version (v3.xx ?)

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