Win98SE and HDD size

  Thaddeus 14:51 06 Apr 03

For my next dumb

I'm upgrading my poor,old,tired 2.1G HDD with a 80G 7200rpm monster....but wait!!! Will Win98se recognise the brute, or will I need to upgrade the OS at the same time. Or, if I don't NEED to, should I anyway?


  Philip2 15:09 06 Apr 03

It is not a matter of your OS it is will the motherboard bios recognise it sounds like you are using an aging system a large HDD is not plug and play.

  DieSse 15:10 06 Apr 03

The likely problem will not be Win98SE, which will be very happy with the drive - but your motherboard may not.

The motherboard/BIOS may have disk capacity limits at 2.1Gb, 8Gb or 32Gb. There are ways around this, but probably the best bet it to try it first.

The three possible fixes would be - a BIOS update (depends on your M/board) - a utility supplied by the Drive manufacturer, which "fools" the BIOS - a plug-in controller card, which has a possible extra benefit of enabling the drive to run faster.

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