Win98 not finding CD Rom

  gerhughes 11:48 13 Aug 03

I am working on a Systemex computer with win 98 and a creative 52x CD Rom. I am attempting to load drivers for a graphics card and load various programs. However, whenever I insert the CD Rom into the carraige, there is no auto boot. Also, if I try to manually find the cd rom, there is no d: option to select.

I switched the boot sequence in the BIOS to see if the CD rom is connected properly, and I appear to be able to boot the CD Rom.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  Jester2K II 11:57 13 Aug 03

Control Panel, System.

Is the CD ROM listed??

If so, what does the icon look like? CD Drive or does it has a yellow question mark or other symbol?

  Jester2K II 11:58 13 Aug 03

Start Menu, Control Panel, System, Device Manager.

  gerhughes 13:39 13 Aug 03

I looked at control panel. There is no CD rom listed but there is an unknown device with a question mark next to it. I removed it and restarted hoping it would find the cd rom with drivers etc, but it came back with the same unknown device and question mark.

  Jester2K II 13:42 13 Aug 03

Can you check the cables behind the CD ROM drive or try another drive in its place? Then try the drive in another PC.

CD ROM might be dead.

  Terrahawk 13:46 13 Aug 03

have a look through click here crative cdrom drivers hope this is of some help

  Bodi 16:47 13 Aug 03

a Lite-on CDRW. Had it set in the BIOS at "AUTO", but the BIOS was setting this incorrectly. Changed the Auto to CD Rom, and put the PIO setting at 4 - UDMA setting at 2.

Hope this helps


  wiznyme 16:53 13 Aug 03

Restart the computer in MS DOS mode type "fdisk /mbr" without the ""'s then press enter.

After this type "win" and press enter to get back into windows.

If it's still not detected after this it's probably a problem with either the drive or the cables.

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