Win98 - Error 35

  Dyffryn 12:52 23 Feb 03

My son in law has just been posted to the Gulf leaving my daughter and their young child in Germany. Her link with her husband via his laptop is their only means of immediate communication. She has just rang me in a right tiss stating that her computer has crashed out on her. She is running a pentium 2 with Windows 98. The error she is getting is: ERROR 35 UNEXPECTED INTERUPT 0008 IN C:\WIN\COMMAND\SCAN [email protected]:02F0
Your help would be most appreciated in sorting her problem because I now have her mother on to me as well!
Thanks in anticipation Dave Bloomfield

  -pops- 13:02 23 Feb 03

There are 2,960,000 entries in Google for this one. Have a look in there and see which one applies (the likely ones will be near the top)


  Stuartli 13:44 23 Feb 03

..and that's just for one Windows error message...:-)

No wonder we have so many queries in these forums.

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