Win95 computer full H/D help

  IanR2 15:21 16 Jan 04

Hi i'm working on my works computer,Win95,32mb ram,PII (i think) when i check C:drive properties,it tells me Capacity 1.99GB,Used 1.94GB & Free 51MB. System Resources are 85%..i have tried to delete as mush stuff as poss & ran a reg cleaner,is there anything else i can try..? (apart from a new Comp...LoL)

cheers for any info

  xania 16:42 16 Jan 04

I suggest that you invest in a second hard disk. 2Gb is a bit puny. Its OK by itself, but once you start adding other software, hardware drivers, data etc, its no wonder your getting tight. An alternative might be to double space your existing HD, but with the price of drives so low, why bother?

  Sheila-214876 17:05 16 Jan 04

No, there isn't anything else apart from a new computer (which you have implied you do not want). But maybe it is time you got a new computer. Try this site and click on Systems or Bundles click here

  Belatucadrus 17:36 16 Jan 04

Try ZipCentral to compress all the files you aren't using click here

Have you compressed the C drive? If not, you will gain quite a lot of free space by doing so.

  Pesala 19:21 16 Jan 04

I used to manage with 1 Gbytes, and I had 500 Mbytes of Encyclopedia files on my hard drive. Software programs take up a huge amount of space these days. I expect you still have some that is not really suited to Windows 95

Sequoiaview will quickly tell you which files and directories are taking the space: click here

If you really do need those huge programs, then maybe it is time to bite the bullet and upgrade to a modern PC. I wouldn’t bother with upgrading the existing one.

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