PEG007 08:12 17 Sep 07

Discovered this last night and tried to fix but could not get to the recovery console and ended up installing Windows XP Pro into an new folder; shock/ horror everything has gone.
I now realise that entry to the Console was CHKDSK/R. The question is - can I undo the windows instal and go back to where I was previously to recover my data? Help

  PEG007 12:17 17 Sep 07

On booting a screen said something to the effect to insert a disc and type r to enter the recovery console which I did. I think I was supposed to enter CHKDSK/R. Anyway no joy so I went ahead and installed Windows XP into a new folder which is where I am now.

  brundle 15:01 17 Sep 07

Look in the C drive for Documents and Settings, look inside that folder for your old account name. With luck your new installation will not have overwritten your old information. You can't just copy everything across because some is unique to each Windows installation, but you should find your `My Documents` folder intact. You may need to show hidden and system files click here. Or use Freecommander to make the job simpler. click here

  PEG007 15:01 17 Sep 07

On boot up I am now running a new version of Windows with no data, My Docs etc. I'll try looking for the previous version in Safe Mode. Thanks for your help.

  PEG007 15:11 17 Sep 07

Thanks. I'll try to made sense of your info.

  PEG007 23:40 17 Sep 07

Found My Docs as brundle described it and made back up on external drive and have managed to repair the original damaged file in windows using the windows disc and the repair console. However, when I boot up now I appear to be in Safe Mode and am asked to chose whiCh Windows XP to use from two versions. How do I eliminate the most recent one? Can't complain though, I'm definitely winning thanks to you guys.

  brundle 17:01 18 Sep 07

Edit Boot.ini; click here

click here

  brundle 17:02 18 Sep 07

Rather than deleting an entry it's best to choose a default boot partition and reduce the delay to 0, you can edit it again if something goes wrong.

  PEG007 19:25 19 Sep 07

Taken your advice and reduced the delay to 0. problem resolved. Thanks to you and Marg7

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