Win32k.sys error !

  triflesterms 15:49 19 Jul 06


If you read my previous post you'd know that i tested my psu on a friends pc,which is pentium 3,30 gig hd,32mbram,used xp pro b4 on it.
sinse then i have tried to install windows xp pro but keep getting the following error message -

kernal_data inpage error
Stop:0x00000007A (0xE1022308,0xC0000000E,0xBF8E6534,0x00C13860)

win32k.sys physical dump, or something like that.
Ive tried unplugging everything & reinstalling but i keep getting the same error message, hope someone can help as im totally lost on what the problem is.


  Sethhaniel 16:12 19 Jul 06
  keef66 16:22 19 Jul 06

is that the problem?

  triflesterms 16:30 19 Jul 06

I know its poor, but have used xp pro with it, they dont want to upgrade coz they only use pc for word prosseing.

  SANTOS7 16:45 19 Jul 06

error message suggests your HDD is failing, and you need 64Mb memory MINIMUM to run XP...

  triflesterms 16:55 19 Jul 06

so if they upgrade memory would hd be ok?

  SANTOS7 16:58 19 Jul 06

No not related,(well i don't think so) will do a bit more delving on the error message as its not really specific and cuold mean a couple of things, the extra memory is a necessity tho

  triflesterms 17:00 19 Jul 06

ok thanx, ive got 256mbram i can try in it

  SANTOS7 17:06 19 Jul 06

the error message seems to relate to "defective hardware" so trying diferent memory may be a start(cheap option) after that a fair test would be to try another HDD.........

  triflesterms 17:07 19 Jul 06

ok, thanks, im going offline now but i'll let you know how i get on tomorrow.

Thanks for you time.

  SANTOS7 17:16 19 Jul 06

No problem matey, glad to help and if we get a resolve we can use it for future reference...

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