Win32 kuang2 with avast

  sinbad1 22:23 30 Apr 05

Avast has picked up the above trojan located in win32 activescan file.

all other virus scans come up with nothing, housecall,norton,panda,

Am i right in thinking this is a false alarm by avast as activeScan relates to a panda download file.

have any of you avast uses had this problem?

  sinbad1 22:50 30 Apr 05


  sinbad1 23:49 30 Apr 05


  sinbad1 08:46 01 May 05


  VoG II 08:53 01 May 05

Try a scan with a² click here

  sinbad1 08:59 01 May 05

thanks for your reply Vog

other virus checks show clear.

aware,spybot,MSspyware spysubract and a2 all show clear.

can only assume Win32 Kuango is a false alarm?

  bigal 09:20 01 May 05

The Avast website states that this item is indeed a false alarm generated by Panda antivirus.
click here

  sinbad1 09:42 01 May 05

thanks bigal

I thought this was the case just couldn't find the info on my searches.

There seems to be quite a lot of false alarms that avast could pickup from this downloaded folder.

You'd think panda would encrypt their files so not to cause newbies to pannic,with avast.

Maybe its a problem with avast since other AV's
didn't pick up the win32kuang2

thanks again

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